Fraser Fir

Red Sleigh Fraser Fir Tree

The Fraser Fir Collection is a prized member of the TruTip™ family.  Its beautifully realistic branches set this tree apart from all others. In fact, Fraser Firs are so natural-looking that each one appears as if it were just brought in from the forest.  The Fraser Fir's greenery is made up of elegant dark green tips, set upon lifelike, downswept branches.  Have the look of a live tree without having to water or clean up after’s perfectly alright if your neighbors don’t know that it’s not real.

Highlights: Realistic downswept branches using TruTip™ technology including a combination of PE and PVC tips.  Ample space for presents underneath.
Lights: LED, Clear, Multi or Unlit
Sizes: 4.5' - 12'H