Environmental Facts

Red Sleigh Environmental Facts

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Premium Red Sleigh™ Christmas trees are each built to remain beautiful in your home for 10 years or more.  Making a trip to your basement to grab your artificial tree instead of loading up the SUV for a trip to the live tree farm each year helps to reduce overall carbon emissions associated with Christmas trees each year.  The excess in carbon emissions resulting from live trees are a product of the farming and transportation of them, which includes seeding, harvesting, retail distribution and final disposal. Displaying a Red Sleigh™ tree this year as an alternative to a live Christmas tree, helps to reduce your individual carbon footprint - and changes like that truly benefit us all.

The Facts About Our Materials, Recycling & Energy Use

Click here to learn more about common materials such as PVC, PE and lead and their use in the manufacturing of our Christmas trees.